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  • Having Problems with your Smelly Water Bottle?

    Introducing the new Enviroclear® Smartbottle™ - A Virtually Limitless Reusable Clear as Glass, Food and Beverage Bottle

  • Sterilization Demo

    The main differences between the Smartbottle™ and the single-use throwaway bottle

  • Smartbottle Will Never Leave You!

    In the car or bus, if your bottle drops, it won’t roll away! Smartbottle™ Will Never Leave You!

  • Hot and Cold

    Did you know that Smartbottle™ can be used for hot AND cold liquids?

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Smartbottle™ is dishwasher safe making clean-up a breeze!

  • Let's Reduce Waste!

    Together, Let's Reduce Waste by using Smartbottle™!

  • Baby Bottle

    Did you run out of clean sterile baby bottles? Use Smartbottle!

  • Shatter Resistant

    Are you a bit clumsy? No problem! Smartbottle’s unique design makes it shatter resistant.

  • Microwaveable

    Smartbottle™ is microwave safe making it the perfect addition to your soup lunch prep!

  • Morning Routine

    Step up your hydration game by adding Smartbottle™ beverage prep to your morning routine!

  • Smartbottle™ Water Filter

    Purify your tap water in an instant with our Smartbottle™ Water Filter!